Design and Construction
Hugh Harrison is inheritor of 100 years of the Herbert Read family business of St Sidwell’s Artworks of Exeter and as such it comes as no surprise that design of new furnishings in churches and houses has always been part of his core business.  Recent design projects range from reordering the Lady Chapel and the west nave seating at Blundell’s School, Devon, to a pair of handsome carvers for a medieval house for a private client.  Other items include pews, pulpits, bookcases, staircases, panelling, screens and tables, etc.

Below is a gallery of our design work - click on the arrows to move left and right through the slides or click on the 'pictures' tab to see a selection of thumbnail images.

1. Private Client, Devon: Oak Carvers

An example of a furniture design for the owner of an ancient timbered house in central Devon.


2. Larchmont Church, New York: Design for nave lights

We have recently sketched some designs for the nave lights under the direction of Gerald Allen, Architect AIA.


3a. Groton School, Massachusetts, USA: design for reredos

This exclusive school had this wonderful chapel designed and built by the English émigré architect Henry Vaughan in the 1890s. His other work included completed schemes for both the cathedral of St John the Divine in New York and Washington Cathedral in Washington DC.


3b. Groton School, Massachusetts, USA: design for reredos

Vaughan sketched the reredos for the chapel, but this was never made due to a disagreement on iconography with the then headmaster. 100 years later the project seemed a natural celebration of the centenary of the construction of the chapel, so a working drawing was commissioned on which a price could be estimated for this huge piece of woodwork. This is our drawing.


3c. Groton School, Massachusetts, USA: design for reredos

This we provided, but other projects took precedence, and the project is on hold for the time being. Hugh Harrison drawing (detail)


3d. Groton School, Massachusetts, USA: design for reredos

Hugh Harrison reredos design drawing (detail)


3e. Groton School, Massachusetts, USA: design for reredos

How the rerdos might look if completed


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